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The Celtic Care Company serves all unitary authorities in Wales. English Border counties where services sometimes need to straddle Offa’s Dyke, e.g Shropshire and Herefordshire. All of Ireland. Scotland including the Highlands and Islands.

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Celtic Care | Care Consultants Cardiff
Celtic Care | Care Consultants Cardiff

Problems in the Care Sector – A Partial Solution

In recent years we have seen Care Providers, both Residential and Domiciliary, come under immense pressure from banks, government regulators and local authorities; as our social care crisis deepens, the demographic is also rising, combined with fewer available hospital beds. Added to this, there are fewer people engaging in careers in care, and the cost of living continues to rise.

The Celtic Care Company

The current business model used across Social Care is broken. Continuing to use extant thinking and processes can only cause more care homes to struggle – perhaps even close – with good managers exiting the industry as the pressure exceeds their ability to cope.

Our Solution

The Celtic Care Company works differently; we discovered a possible solution when we combined our expertise in the care sector with financial expertise, and, especially, a deep knowledge of the pragmatic solutions made (after making expensive mistakes) by businesses trading in other ‘people intensive’ sectors.

We provide a holistic person-led approach where the care-receiver becomes fully integrated with the community – with everyone owning both the problem and solution

We Improve People, Performance & Profits

The Celtic Care Company can help you to improve people, performance and profits; we can help you get back on track when things have gone a bit awry and can accelerate your achievement of performance to standards that ensure you stay under the radar of the regulators, local authorities and banks.


Our solutions achieve proven benefits for providers, authorities, your staff, the Authorities and regulators, and most importantly … your service users.