Interim Management

Short-and long-term interim management for care homes, domiciliary home care and supported living.

Experienced managers working seamlessly with your organisation.

Providing Interim Management

As you well know, having a manager in place is not only critical to providing outstanding care, but also a legal requirement.

But what happens when your current manager / Registered Manager, or some other senior such as a Chair, CEO, Director, accountant, or physiotherapist, goes on maternity leave, long term sick, or even leaves the organisation at short notice?

An interim manager, or other specialist, could be that perfect short-term solution.

The services of interim managers range across all functions, from senior management, finance, operational management, or HR, among others, and span most disciplines.

Interim management isn’t just ideal for the above but can carry great value for specific project management without the need for an expensive recruitment drive, or to simply bridge the gap until a replacement can be found.

Thanks to our placement within the care sector, we have a growing network of talented managers and directors ready to fill that interim position in your care organisation.

Equally, we’re always on the lookout for more hardworking interim managers across the UK and NI to join us. If you’re interested, then we’d love to hear from you.