Mock Inspections

Take the first step to becoming, or remaining, outstanding with a mock CIW (Wales), RQIA (Northern Ireland) or Care Inspectorate (Scotland) inspection.

Our compliance experts will highlight any concerns before it’s too late.

care Industry Mock Inspections

A Mock Inspection is a thorough inspection of your care organisation, which mimics the inspection criteria of CIW, RQIA, and Care Inspectorate (Scotland). CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) can also be accommodated.

The aim is to highlight any problems or concerns giving you the time to be proactive and stay in control. Of course, if your local inspector was to find them before you then it could have a negative effect on your overall rating – so let’s stay one step ahead!

Just like in a real inspection, our team of care compliance experts will carry out a thorough audit of the care service you provide against the current requirements.

They’ll be asking those all-important question; is the service safe, effective, caring, responsible and well-led.

Once complete, a full report will be made available to you along with an action plan to help pull that area back in to compliance and best practice.

Further support is always available, if required.

The duration of your Mock Inspection depends on how large your organisation is.

Please contact us for further information.