Training & Mentoring

Reboot your management and care team with sector leading training and mentoring.

Unlock the full potential of your management and care team.

Training & Mentoring in the Care Sector

We will audit your existing processes and standards – identifying any operational weaknesses – and then we will look to ensure that your staff know what to do, how (and when) to do something; we provide a laser-like focus that prioritises any areas of weakness. Always ensuring that that you remain legal and compliant with the latest requirements.

You may already have the best auditing and compliance tools in place, but without the right training – at the right time – your people may be holding your care organisation back.

C3 has provided countless hours of training and development to care providers; helping teams achieve their full potential and helping them to provide the best possible care quality with the minimal of cost: improving people, performance and profits.

Training: C3 can provide you with a complete and bespoke training and coaching package, whether it’s one-to-one, medium, or large groups.

Our in-house training experts will help develop and deliver a Human Resource Development (HRD) and/or Training Plan tailored to help your organisation shine.

Our training plans will ensure that Carers and their managers have the right skills. Our HRD plan will ensure that the managers have the confidence to lead and motivate their staff in difficult and changing (often challenging) circumstances.

Mentoring: Most Registered Managers are already excellent care providers and skilled supervisors of their staff. However, C3 has found that many Registered Managers have received little in the way of managerial training and development and thus often unable to step back from immediate day-to-day problem solving to find lasting and sustainable solutions.

Our Care staff training, Deputy Manager and Registered Manager learning/mentoring packages include all mandatory care subjects, how to achieve compliance with the latest government requirements, best practice workshops, plus our unique, highly pragmatic, masterclass, with its laser focus upon leadership and communications.

From mandatory training for your team, including refreshers and updates for you and your care staff, through to bespoke operational management and director level leadership development. All can be delivered in person, or online, individually or in groups. The choice is yours!